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Demodex Balance Skin Renewal Mask

Demodex Balance Skin Renewal Mask

The creammask is enriched with active pore-astringent ingredients, with excellent anti-microbial effect. The component is non-comedogenic, contains healing ingredients. Their active substances compensate for the excessive sebum, and regenerate the inflamed skin surface.



For care of the skin with acne, rosacea, and dermatitis diseases. Their effect is enhanced by the added antimicrobial, fungicidal active ingredient oils, as well as with miticide, antiseptic herbal ingredients.





Green clay - Excellent detoxifying agent with pore-astringent and tallowfunkction-regulation effect     


Bio Neem Oil - For people harmless, not comedogenic oil - but more than 200 species of insect it is lethal, because it can damage their hormone systems. Has also antimicrobial, antibacterial and fungicidal effect. There are more than 150 ingredients have been identified , of which have proven effective in numerous laboratory tests . Active ingredients: Azadirachtin, Salannin, Salannol, Meliantriol, Nimbin , Azadirachtol, Tokoferol, Vepinin) It is an excellent moisturizing agent, has a high vitamin E content, rich in skin nourishing substances and fatty acids , by the use feels dry, chapped , cracked and damaged skin again silky . May only be used externally .


Bio Karanja Oil - It has a similar effect as the neem oil (antimicrobial, antibacterial, fungicidal) can also be used internally (anthelmintics and effective against malaria and leprosy) as insect and microbe killer. Its main active ingredient is the Karanjan. A common use of neem oil enhanced the joint action.


Ichtiol - is a proven anti-dandruff agent is recovered from sulfur-rich oil shale, has excellent tallowfunction-regulation and wound healing properties.  


Bio Totarol - Excellent active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, also features excellent antioxidant properties.





Green Clay - Neem oil - Karanja oil - Rosemary water - Azulen (CHAMOMILE, YARROW) - Madecassosid (TIGER GRASS) - Allantoin - Tea tree oil - BIO TOTAROL



Natural Essential Oil

Tea tree oil, oil of wintergreen



natural, smells of herbs



30 ml




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