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Demodex Balance Skin Renewal Cleaner

Demodex Balance Skin Renewal Cleaner

Skin care for the skin with acne, rosacea, and dermatitis diseases. It contains antimicrobial, fungicides and miticides oils, is antiseptic and astringent, has anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients.




This wash gel cleanses the skin in a very gentle manner. The black soap contained contributes to a thorough, deep pore, while gentle cleansing of the skin and acts simultaneously calming effect on inflammation .


The gel contains highly effective active ingredients such Ichthyol and active herbs that act horn expectorant and antiseptic.



100 % traditional African black soap - is one of the healthiest soaps ever
Organic rosemary hydrosols - cleanses and smooths the skin, stimulates microcirculation
Organic Totarol - gentle and non-irritating antibacterial ingredient ( acne proprionumbacterium also particularly sensitive to this extract ), antiviral effect, antioxidant



Black Soap from Ghana - Peppermint water, Rosemary water (from deuterium reduced water) - Neem oil - Karanja oil - Vegetable emulsifier - Vegetable surfactants - Glycerol - Sorbitol - Ichtyol - Pure salt - Tea Tree Oil - Peppermint oil - Rosemary oil - Xanthan - Lactic acid - Bio Totarol


Natural Essential Oil

Tea tree oil, Organic rosemary oil



natural, fresh




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