DRHAZI skin research laboratories

Natural Facial Rejuvenation



100% natural active agents – beneficial, containing nothing harmful to the skin or the deeper tissues.


A composition identical to human skin – entirely absorbed and integrated into the skin – ceramides, liposomes, 4 levels of hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins, all with a composition identical to human skin.


Biotechnological nano-peptides - programming the DNA on the cellular level to achieve the desired outcome. These represent the most expensive molecules and we use a maximum dose of complex forms. The DRHAZI creams and serums contain 10-17 nano-peptides on average.


Colloid crystal – featuring a crystal technology that has a beneficial effect on the vitality and youthfulness of the cells – with gold, silver, platinum, copper, iridium and silica.




The entire treatment process is chemical-free. Hydrating, regenerative facial creams are recommended during the day, as they are made with an emulsifier – the emulsifier blends the water-based faze with oils, resulting in an emulsion and a facial cream. The emulsifier – even when it has a composition identical to human skin – dissolves even the sebum of the skin and the oils its introduces are also removed from the skin. This is superb for day-time care, as it can dissolve environmental impurities from the pores of the skin, yet it cannot replenish the dermis of the skin or treat deep tissue dehydration.


Therefore we recommend using a toning milk for the night with a composition of oils identical to human skin. This pairing contains all water-soluble active agents and oil-soluble active agents without an emulsifier. The water-soluble active agents nourish and regenerate the skin, whilst the composition of oils identical to human skin is superbly absorbed and can give volume to the dermis night after night.



1. Hydrating facial wash cream soap – a soft wash with Damask rose and 20% macadamia nut oil.


2. Intensive volume serum – oil-free liposome-based nano-peptide complex embedded in active agents with a composition identical to the skin.


3. Hydrating skin-renewal facial cream – an intensive daytime facial cream featuring a composition identical to human skin, aroma-therapy, liposome-based nano-peptide complex.


4. Intensive under-eye cream – An intensive wrinkle cream with a mimicry muscle relaxing complex and matrix-building nano-peptides reducing dark circles and swelling.


5. Toning cream – a rich complex of water-soluble active agents.


6. Oleogel – fat-soluble active agents embedded in a composition of oils identical to human skin.





Natural high-tech cosmetics can superbly renew the facial skin, yet are insufficient in themselves to rejuvenate the facial skin. The youthfulness of the face is ensured by the healthy, flexible unity of facial muscles, connective tissue and facial skin.




DRHAZI develops 100% natural high-tech cosmetics focusing on the elimination of root causes. The highly effective DRHAZI Bio facial plastic® procedure was developed for the rejuvenation of the entire face.


DRHAZI Bio facial plastic® an organic facial reconstruction deals with the original, internal causes which establish the healthy unity of muscles, connective tissue and skin. The special technology takes the facial meridians into consideration and dissolves the energetic lesions with acupressure motions followed by intensive, patting gestures, vitalizing the tissues. This first mobilizes – the often atrophied – mimic muscles clinging to the bones, which can provide tissues with an internal supply of oxygen and nutrients. Subsequently, the mimic muscles can be relaxed and trained while reconstituting the connective tissue and making it more flexible. Subsequently, the facial muscles can become stronger with more tone, leading to an intensive supporting force which defies gravity.


The motions lift and raise the mid-facial section, whilst the chin and facial contours become more pronounced and the double chin recedes. Developing and lifting the forehead muscles can raise the eyelids and the eyebrow line. This can smooth the skin above it, making features sharper.


As a result of this, the connective tissues will grow stronger, the skin will have a greater flexibility and the tissues will be more hydrated. By reestablishing circulation, it reinforces the follicles, yielding a thicker growth of hair. Additionally, if the muscles are rested and the body’s previous memories and beliefs are reconfigured, relaxation as well as strength can be rekindled. Muscles are never strong when taut, but rather when they are flexible and able to contract and relax, as real strength does not lie in static power, but rather in a rippling, pulsating force. 


“The youthfulness of our face is ensured through the healthy unity of facial muscles, connective tissue and facial skin. Organic facial reconstruction seeks to restore this unity. It provides a natural alternative in achieving lasting results for the rejuvenation of the face without surgical intervention.” 




Radiantly beautiful facial skin


Looking for radiantly beautiful, healthy facial skin with natural methods? DRHAZI is the solution!

What makes the DRHAZI concept so unique? It offers customized solutions based on skin molecular knowlege as well as the opportunity of benefitting from 100% natural skin renewal treatments.


High-tech natural cosmetics fill a considerable gap on the professional cosmetics market. The 100% natural DRHAZI concept, which combines herbal therapies with the latest medicosmetics active agents, offers a globally unique approach.


The home treatments of DRHAZI provide a high level of skin renewal, which are supplemented by the treatments based on special manual techniques and high-tech methods. 


DRHAZI insists that the treatment of any deviations from healthy skin and the curing of the skin should be based on restoring the balance of the skin, which can only be achieved with substances and treatments that have a beneficial effect on the human body.


There’s only one type of skin for them: healthy skin. This is the focus of their work. Their goal is to help everyone restore the radiantly beautiful facial skin appropriate to their biological age. Their professionalism is guaranteed by their cellular-level products and the expertise of the treatments of DRHAZI therapists. 


The DRHAZI concept includes a range of BALANCE and ANTI-AGE skin renewal treatments.


The ANTI AGE concept of DRHAZI also provides a range of complex, modern treatments. The DRHAZI luxury skin renewal facial treatment is the perfect choice for those who wish to naturally and effectively rejuvenate their skin. The complex method revitalizes the skin, regenerates the connective tissue and includes the restoration of the muscular system of the face. 


BALANCE concept include Demodex balancing skin renewal, deep, causal treatment of acne and rosacea skin as well as the balancing of slightly disrupted facial skin – including T-zone problems and extremely sensitive skin.





DRHAZI Skin Renewal



Damaged facial skin can be rejuvenated. With DRHAZI's globally unique skin renewal procedures, we can normalize impaired or unhealthy facial skin, addressing issues such as pigment spots, the T-zone, rosacea, and acne, using natural holistic methods.


DRHAZI develops 100% natural high-tech cosmetics with a focus on addressing root causes. The DRHAZI skin renewal approach aims to naturally restore impaired skin.

“DRHAZI skin renewal eliminates the root causes and effectively treats skin problems, thus damaged, acne and rosacea skin can be normalized and balanced. The complex method allows using 100% natural active agents and skillful treatments to restore normal facial skin with a healthy structure.”


The comprehensive method utilizes 100% natural active agents and skillful treatments to restore facial skin to a healthy structure.


Our holistic approach addresses skin sensitivity, T-zone problems, and normalizing rosacea and acne skin.


According to our research, these issues stem from a shift in skin balance caused by impaired skin structure and infection. If connective tissue is involved, these problems can become chronic. The closure of facial skin can impede the development of a healthy skin flora, affecting the skin and connective tissue. This may lead to the development of chronic nodules and acute inflammation, prompting the body to react with increased sebum production or thickening of connective tissue.


Simultaneously developing a healthy skin structure and microbiological equilibrium involves carefully balancing various factors. These two aspects are closely interrelated, as impaired skin structure can disrupt microbiological balance and vice versa.


DRHAZI skin renewal is a unique procedure that pays special attention to specific skin symptoms and individual reactions.