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Ageless Beauty Toning Milk

Ageless Beauty Toning Milk

A skin replenishing milk with a rich formula, which contains all the necessary water-soluble active agents for the skin which stimulate the skin functions, enhancing the metabolism, reinforcing the skin’s metabolism and greatly enhancing the flexibility of the connective tissue. In accordance with the DRHAZI concept, they superbly support the absorption and integration of oleogels. Suitable care for all skin types.



This toning water is oil free and has a moisturizing and regenerating effect and stimulates the natural forces of the skin in a gentle way. The composition of roses and lime-blossoms activates the metabolic activity of the skin and therefore refreshes and revives it. Due to its natural nurturing ingredients the toning water has a special anti-wrinkle effect that visibly relaxes the skin appearance.


It is suited for all skin types. The toning water can be used both, throughout the day or over night.




Rose Water - Firming and anti-aging hydrolyzate, refreshes and moisturizes the face
Bio Linden Blossom Floral Water - relaxing, a soothing, astringent effect
Organic Green Tea extract - Green tea contains vitamins A, B, C, E and important bioactive flavonoids show the so-called Antioxidant effects
Tiger grass extract - Madecassoside has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the sensitivity of the skin, regulates cell neoplasm
Hibiscus extract - Mioxynol reduces the intensity of muscle contraction, thereby expression lines are relaxed.




Collagen protein - Hyaluronic acid - Urea - Mioxynol (Okra extract) - Stable Vitamin C

Natural essential oils

organic palmarosa oil, organic geranium oil, rosewood oil



gentle scent of roses




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