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Perfect Men Face Cleaner

A real luxurious rejuvenating, masculine scented soap that cleanses the pores with its deep cleansing effect. Its active ingredient complex stabilizes the pH value of the skin and hydrates the deeper layers. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients and active ingredients help in the continuous regeneration of micro-injuries caused by shaving.

The gentle facial cleanser thoroughly and yet gently removes impurities and dead epidermis without drying out the facial skin. The added plant active ingredients ensure the continuous renewal of the skin layers. The 30% macadamia nut oil content and rejuvenating active ingredient oils ensure that the drying effect of the surfactants is compensated.


It is made of valuable deuterium reduced water. The best rejuvenating water. Its regular crystal structure ensures the bioavailability of intense active ingredients and is also involved in cellular skin renewal because it inhibits the proliferation of cells damaged at the DNA level.


It is made with an organic herbal preservative. Bio Totarol - Preservative, skin disinfectant and super antioxidant! 3X stronger than Active Vitamin E. It is a powerful, cellular skin rejuvenator, it protects skin cells from oxidative stress and eliminates free radicals that are dangerous to skin cells.


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