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Men Face Cleaner

men Face Cleaner

This foaming cleansing gel purifies the skin and refreshes especially men's skin without causing irritations. It gently removes dirt from the skin without interfering with its natural hydro-lipid balance. The gel’s special care formula has a skin physiological pH level and helps restore the skin’s acid mantle.




Highly efficient active ingredients such as ichthyol and active medicinal plants have a keratolytic, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on the skin. When used regularly the complexion will improve and skin irritations will be reduced.



High dose of bio Totarol - Organic sulfur - Ichtiol - Allantoin - Neem oil

Natural essential oils: Organic rosemary oil, Organic peppermint oil, Atlas cedar oil, Oil of wintergreen


Fragrance: natural fragrance, fresh scent

Packaging: 100 ml 

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