Effective High-Tech ingredients

A great innovative options can be born that are used in cosmetics as well

Today, scientific research had never seen a greatly accelerated. Deeper and more thorough understanding of the structure and function of the skin has led to the discovery of new drugs to help the physiological flow holes without side effects as they are themselves the skin structure or function of natural elements. These ingredients from biotechnology to us (biotechnology encompasses all technologies , which have to do with living organisms). Methods of

  • hydrolysis
  • isolation,
  • biofermentation etc.

In fact, the plant materials focused, targeted (cellular level may be) can be produced from materials such wonderful healing power of plants will increase many times over.

This may mean that 1 ml of cream, can be concentrated active power of 1000 kg plant. Or cellular absorption and effectiveness of the agents it is possible indeed. These active substances include peptides, ceramides complexes, amino acids, skinidentic drugs etc. 

These substances can be used in skin rejuvenation, regeneration and treatment of skin problems.

Modern technology users cosmetology products, advanced cosmetic products represent a new generation, which is several times the efficiency of conventional formulations.

We combine the ancient knowledge with the latest innovative results. So naturally, but the most beneficial results to be available. 

  • DRHAZI products are 100% made from natural materials - from all over the world to collect the most effective agents 
  • Used in the molecular biological results. The latest and most valuable active substances build up our products. 
  • Mode of action of the components of our products are built on each other, reinforce each other, in fact maximally concentrated drug cosmetics. Less amount of which is a much stronger effect can be achieved compared to traditional products. 

Special vegetable oils, hydrolysates, plant extracts, the concentrated active ingredients  from plants, aromatherapy essential oil combinations, high-tech biotechnological active ingredients in the DRHAZI cosmetics, each supported by the beauty within us. Restores the skin's natural health, function and beauty. The harmony. 


Come see this unique rejuvenating, 

the effect of this substancecosmetics. 

A new dimension of beauty.