We are proud

We are proud our DRHAZI high-tech natural cosmetics!

They are a SPECIAL INNOVATION; that has an outstanding effect on your skin.

Our company strives for perfection, therefore we use only 100% natural and highly effective ingredients for the manufacturing of our natural medicosmetics


1. Valuable and precious raw materials
  • As base oil, we use the highest quality avocado, almond, jojoba and rice oil
  • Instead of conventional water we use floral water of all kinds (directly from plants and flowers), or deuterium reduced water and thermal water
2. Most effective and most valuable skin-identical biotechnological active ingredients
  • Peptides – rejuvenating and healing agents that act on the cellular level
  • Skin’s own agents - ceramides, liposomes, amino acids, vitamins, etc. – regenerating and skin-regenerating agents
  • Extracts from plants – we use only the most valuable active substances from medicinal herbs and plants – acmella, lotus flowers, prickly pear cactus, cat's claw, daisies, passionflower, amla-fruit (Indian gooseberry - favoured ayurvedic fruit), mitracarpus etc.
3. Preservation through 100% natural herbal substances
  • As main ingredient we use Totarol - an excerpt from the totarol tree which is a unique vegetable preservative that gets delivered to us from New Zealand
  • We use precious, mainly organic pure essential oils as a preservative – palm rose oil, rosemary, dogbane plant, peppermint, etc.
  • We manufacture valuable antiseptic plant extracts – lonicera japonica, rosemary etc.
  • 100% protection through airless dispenser system – the innovative airless dispenser seals the product airtight and therefore lengthens its preservability. Does not constitute a threat to aquatic organisms. The system allows a complete emptying of the content.
 4. Advanced bio/natural packaging materials
  • Airless crucible - modern and safe
  • Instructions - for every product we provide proper skin care advice
  • Correct information - on the packaging we describe the ingredients
5. Marketing
  • Webshop - Our organic/natural cosmetics can purchased directly with us, the manufacturer, thereby we can prevent unnaturally high prices
  • Conscious advertising - we seek conscious brand-building marketing – we try to find solutions that do not increase our market prices unnecessarily
6. Premium quality of our products
  • 100% secure customer guarantee - We take over any risk - you can rely and enjoy our on 100% natural products without compunction

Our aim is to establish long-term stable operating partnerships that are based on mutual trust.

DRHAZI, providing natural beauty without compromise