Useful information for using our website

Useful information for using our website

On the homepage of our factory you will find complete and comprehensive information on beauty products, natural cosmetics, the products and all the basic substances that we use in our high-tech - using natural cosmetics.

Currently you can choose between 70 hightech natural medicosmetics, which you can select in our webshop both by product line and after skin care steps.

  •     AGELESS BEAUTY - 100% Natural High Tech Beauty and Anti age skin rejuvenation
  •     PURE SKINIDENTIC - skin-regenerating product line for hypersensitive skin 
  •     COUPEROSE - 100% Natural High Tech Rosacea skin care 
  •     LIGHTENING - 100% Natural High Tech cosmetics for Hyperpigmented skin care
  •     PURIFYING - Care of problematic skin
  •     MEN - rejuvenating product line for normal men SKIN
  •     SUN - sunbathing skin care line with natural physical UV protection
  •     DEMODEX BALANCEThe basic care of acne, rosacea, eczema and Demodex skin renewal

2. All natural cosmetics have been designed on a 100% natural base - en with supporting the skin's own structure and contain modern high technology active ingredients.

3. On the product range we carry on the full list of the ingredients of the product in a rolling down menu. When you click with the cursor on the active ingredient, you can check its function and effect.

4. On the sheet you have the opportunity with our help to provide and select the most suitable for your skin type, optimum face care together.

5. In addition, you can find beauty care advice for your daily care here.

6. When you have a combination skin type, can assist you in designing an optimal care series grouping facial steps from our high-tech care.

7. Under the menu item BLOG you can find a lot of information that can help you to design an even more beautiful complexion.

8. Your Love can surprise you with a DRHAZI gift card that you can buy in 3 categories of value in our webshop.

In addition to your purchases, we want to delight you with small useful and valuable gifts, which will be displayed immediately after creation of the product to the cart.

We are happy to take your constructive advice and entreaties opposed, so that we develop our website further and can satisfy your demands!

The team of DRHAZI