About us

About us

The DRHAZI products represent an entirely new branch of beauty care. As they’re 100% natural, active agent cosmetics, they are also unique, professional, cellular-level medicosmetics. 

They represent a transition between cosmetics and dermatology. Their value is ensured by their precious plant-based ingredients and the unique manual manufacturing technology. 

1. 100% natural active agents – entirely beneficial, without any products harmful to the skin or deep tissues.

2. Their composition is identical to that of human skin – they are entirely absorbed and integrated into the skin, becoming a part of the skin – Ceramides, liposomes, 4 levels of hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins with a composition identical to human skin.

3. Biotechnology nano-peptides – programming the DNA on the cellular level to achieve the desired outcome; they represent the most expensive molecules and we use a maximum dose of complex forms - the creams or serums contain 10-12 nano-peptides on average

4. These are supplemented by nano-metals which represent a level of luxury with a crystal technology that has a beneficial effect on the vitality and youthfulness of cells – with nano-gold, silver, platinum, iridium and silica.



“After 10 years of pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience, a conscious lifestyle choice led me to the world of cosmetics. I was coping with serious skin conditions and finally, even my facial skin became extremely sensitive. I was unable to use any facial creams, despite the fact that I tried a number of natural and organic products.

Due to my analytical nature and perfectionism, I expanded my knowledge on the field and examined the products available on the world market with a professional eye. I performed a detailed analysis of the various goods and closely scrutinized the marketing activities of various manufacturing firms.

The experiences of my initial research led to surprising results:

• traditional cosmetic products are filled with chemicals

• many natural and organic cosmetic products contain chemicals which the facial skin can’t tolerate for long

• natural and organic products usually contain very low levels of intensive active agents

• most cosmetics aren’t produced with an appropriate degree of professionalism, but are rather led by profit

• the prices of the various cosmetic products are determined by the marketing and not the quality of the goods

• the balance of the skin cannot be restored by purely nourishing cosmetics – this requires special cellular regenerative products     

• 99 percent of the cosmetics currently available on the market are produced as nourishing cosmetics, whilst there is less than 1 percent of active, dermatological cosmetics which can influence the skin’s structure and function on the cellular level.

I believe that one of the preconditions for developing a health-conscious practice of skincare is to solely use products in cosmetics which are proven to have a beneficial effect. A chemical-free approach is a fundamental requirement which allows the inclusion of active agents in the cosmetics. As long as cosmetic products contain chemicals, the use of cellular-level vitamins and beautifying substances, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, bio high-tech nano-peptides is particularly harmful as they pervade the nucleus. If the cosmetics are absorbed, the chemicals will also take effect, even if the damage they cause to the cells isn’t immediately apparent.”                                                                                


Our natural cosmetics truly make a difference:

• made out of 100% natural ingredients

• almost immediate visible effectiveness

• affordability despite valuable ingredients


Our DRHAZI cosmetics are especially developed for people that live a healthy lifestyle, reject and avoid chemicals and artificial ingredients and have high standards when it comes to products that are used on a daily basis

According to this, we manufacture our products:

NATURAL – For centuries aroma therapy, The life , the only life you can. The herbal balms , tinctures and aromatherapy, special tinctures and herbal balms have proven their extraordinary healing powers. Based on this our products consist of 100% natural ingredients and are especially gentle towards humans and nature.

SKIN-IDENTICAL – Our cosmetic products contain skin-identical ingredients that don’t interfere with the skin’s natural processes but complement them in order to optimize the skin’s self-regeneration. Thereby its own protective system is supported and can work effectively. The result of this will become visible on the skin.

HIGHTECH – Quantum physicists and molecular biologists can nowadays provide prove for the special forces of plants. Based on this knowledge, active substances can be explored further and developed to fit the natural needs of the human skin.

We combine traditional knowledge with the results of the latest research in order to create the highest quality skin care possible. Our products solely contain pure and valuable, natural ingredients.

All DRHAZI cosmetic products are highly effective, skin-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Experience for yourself the rejuvenating and healing effect that the DRHAZI products have

Dr Edina Hazi
Natural cosmetics specialist, researcher and product developer and manufacturer