About us

"Searching for the truth, loving beauty, Wanting good, doing the best -., this isthe purpose of the Human "
                                                               Moses Mendelssohn

My enthusiasm for natural cosmetics has been shaped by my family. Especially by my grandmother, who was a well known for being an expert concerning herbs and natural elixirs. Starting when I was very young she passed her extensive knowledge on to me.

It has always been my biggest dream to be able to help and cure people. This is why I studied pharmaceutics, which I graduated with a doctoral degree in 2000 at the university of Szeged in Hungary. Influenced by what I’d learned from my studies in combination with my deeply conscious way of living I decided to transform my hobby into a full-time job.

I used to suffer from very severe skin problems myself, that had mainly been triggered by the wrong choice of skin care products. Through that my body had been filled up with toxins and my skin became extremely oversensitive to everything. I even tried some natural and biological products but nothing worked. This lead me to deepen my knowledge about the topic of skin care and its ingredients in order to be able to understand what was causing my skin problems.

With this knowledge I started to manufacture my own effective, curing 100% natural cosmetics. We do nowadays have all the technologies to be able to do so. The results of my research gave me the ultimate challenge that I had been waiting for. It was my mission to master it and I knew I was able to create the kind of skin care products that would solve all problems and that I had needed for such a long time myself.

My goal is to pass on my expertise and experience to other people and thereby give them the opportunity to improve their life and the way they take care of themselves. In our family-operated  manufactory in Hungary we create our premium natural cosmetic line ourselves.


The human development needs associated with the higher vibration environment. Clearer food, clothing made ​​of natural materials and last but not least, the closest to human skin for a natural - based cosmetics.

Our natural cosmetics truly make a difference:

• solely made out of natural raw materials

• almost immediate visible effectiveness

• affordability despite valuable ingredients


Our DRHAZI cosmetics are especially developed for people that live a healthy lifestyle, reject and avoid chemicals and artificial ingredients and have high standards when it comes to products that are used on a daily basis.

According to this, we manufacture our products:

NATURAL – For centuries aroma therapy, The life , the only life you can. The herbal balms , tinctures and aromatherapy, special tinctures and herbal balms have proven their extraordinary healing powers. Based on this our products consist of 100% natural ingredients and are especially gentle towards humans and nature.

SKIN-IDENTICAL – Our cosmetic products contain skin-identical ingredients that don’t interfere with the skin’s natural processes but complement them in order to optimize the skin’s self-regeneration. Thereby its own protective system is supported and can work effectively. The result of this will become visible on the skin.

INNOVATIVE – Quantum physicists and molecular biologists can nowadays provide prove for the special forces of plants. Based on this knowledge, active substances can be explored further and developed to fit the natural needs of the human skin.

We combine traditional knowledge with the results of the latest research in order to create the highest quality skin care possible. Our products solely contain pure and valuable, natural ingredients.

All DRHAZI cosmetic products are highly effective, skin-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly.


Experience for yourself the rejuvenating and healing effect that the DRHAZI products have.

Dr Edina Hazi
Natural cosmetics specialist, researcher and product developer and manufacturer